König Galerie

We developed a bespoke art-viewing app for Berlin's renowned König Galerie. It's available for IOs and Android. The first show on view was by Manuel Rossner.

“Surprisingly This Rather Works” by artist Manuel Rossner is a spatial intervention at ST. AGNES / KÖNIG GALERIE and at the same time a virtual extension of its exterior. The entire gallery is transformed into a gaming environment inspired by the 1990s game show “American Gladiators” and so-called gyms that are used for cutting-edge research in artificial intelligence by companies such as OpenAI in San Francisco.

The visitor turns into an avatar and interacts with objects that are part of a parcours. These objects broaden the perspective on what painting and sculpture can be in the digital realm.

To visit the exhibition, download it from the App Store or Google Play.

Surprisingly Bubbles (Outside view) Digital Object, Approx 30x30x37m
Installation View / Surprisingly Red Digital Object, 5,9x6x1,9m
Surprisingly Blue Digital Object, 0,7×2,1×2,8m
Surprisingly Yellow Digital Object + Algorithm, 3,0×1,8×2,8m
Surprisingly Green Digital Objectt + Algorithm 2,15×2,0x2,3m
Surprisingly Surprisingly Light, 0,25×5,6×2,85m
Surprisingly Bag of Grains DIgital Object, 5,0×5,3x6m
Surprisingly Grown Digital Object, 3,6×2,9x27m
Surprisingly Self Control Digital Object, Loop 0,5×15,5×0,85m

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